Aching clay

  by Iqbal Tamimi for Ismael Shammout I bridge two points with hesitation It’s a step back The shoulders of memories That used to jostle me in a crowd Evade me I slip in the bosom of surprise Your eyes undressed Exposing … silent cries... Read more

Gorilla Journalism in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s independent media was coming under sustained attacks. The government attempted to legalize its repression by introducing the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (AIPPA) in March 2002, aiming to limit media... Read more

Palestinian Women: Israel’s Demographic Nightmare

Israel’s nightmare is of a demographic scale. Israel is worried about being outnumbered. For that reason, the answer to such fears was to starve the Palestinians  to death and to deprive them of receiving medications hoping that they would die... Read more

Palestinian Women Photojournalists

  Palestinian women started taking photographs of families and holy places, ceremonies and weddings, but ended up taking pictures of bodies of killed young children, shelled schools, and ruined homes. Photojournalism in Palestine was... Read more

What About Six Million Palestinian Refugees?

  Published: 2009-02-11 Since the first minute the Zionists arrived in Palestine during the first half of the 1900s their policy was clear, it was to empty the land of its indigenous people and house immigrant Jews in their place. Almost 6... Read more

Al Arabiya TV and its Media Manipulations

  First Published: 2009-02-03 Since when has Al Arabiya worried about the emotions of women in Gaza or has been concerned that the children can’t sleep? How else would people around the world know the scale of cruelty and destruction caused by... Read more

Mahmud Darwish lamented

  First Published: 2008-08-13                       ‘Send me an embarrassed tune written with your silent eyes’, recites Iqbal Tamimi in dedication to Palestinian national poet Mahmud Darwish

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‘Declined to Comment’

                    ‘Decline to comment’ is the most versatile expression that can be used when policies were knitted in the dark.  

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