Do not tell her that her father was flying an F-16 and that he bombed the school in Gaza. Tell her F-16s deliver milk sometimes, writes Iqbal Tamimi. [Dear Caryl Churchill, Palestinian mothers are thanking you for your great contributions to... Read more

Erdogan in UK

First Published: 2009-04-06 Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan discussed the important issue of the mutual understanding and respect between people of different faiths and communities, notes Iqbal Tamimi

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Google does not Know Palestinian Mothers Exist

First Published: 2009-03-21 I would like to remind Google on Mother’s Day that Mary the Mother of Christ, who happens to be the most important icon of motherhood in history, is a Palestinian Mother, notes Iqbal Tamimi.   On the 21st of March... Read more

Happy Palestinian Mothers Day

  Once upon a time, here was a mother, a child, and there was a green green Palestine, recites Iqbal Tamimi.   Once upon a time There was a home for every mother And neighbours used to love each other Once upon a time There was a green... Read more

The Rory Peck Awards 2011, sponsored by Sony Professional, are now OPEN FOR ENTRIES The only competition in the world dedicated to the work freelance cameramen and women in news and current affairs has three competitive categories: The Rory... Read more