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Iqbal Tamim - Director of AWMW in UK

إقبال التميمي مديرة المرصد الإعلامي للصحفيات العربيات في بريطانيا ومحررة موقع جورنومانيا المعني بأخبار الصحفيات العربيات والإعلام العربي

AWMWC online magazine is an alternative source of news, established by Iqbal Tamimi, Founder and Director of Arab Women Media Watch Centre in the UK, to reflect Arab women journalist’s  news and views. Tamimi is a British-Palestinian journalist and a poet. She worked in different media establishments for the past 17 years and totally committed to human rights, people’s right of self expression, women empowerment and ethical journalism. She is known for her satirical blogs as an Arabic film and drama critic.

AWMW  (Arab Women Media Watch) founded in 2006, as a network of professional women of British Arab heritage working in mainstream British news media and in British Arab ethnic media. AWMW is a non-political, professional network that adheres to the professional journalist’s code of ethics. Our efforts include highlighting and exposing stories of corruption, bias, discrimination against women journalists and media professionals besides introducing the news, views and activities of Arabs to other cultures.

We campaign to support training and updating the skills of Arab women journalists.

Provide inspiration and empower Arab women journalists through highlighting news of awards and journalists’ achievements around the world.

Connect professionals with Arab women journalists for interviews, job opportunities and commenting on news and current affairs.

Circulate post graduate and training opportunities, scholarships and studentships offered by Universities and media institutes to journalists and media professionals.

Campaign and seek partnerships to strengthen our campaigns and activities.

Promote and encourage participation of Arab arts, literature, sports and other events and activities in UK communities and vice versa

You can strengthen our work by submitting your articles, bios, news, views and comments.

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