First Published: 2010-05-11 Even though I have never thought the Borqa or the Niqab is a good idea, and I am against it but I never declared my views because I do respect other people’s choices, says Iqbal Tamimi. Actor/ presenter Robert... Read more

Stones that sprouted legs

  By Iqbal Tamimi Written for the memory of my Iraqi colleague Atwar Bahjat who was killed while reporting from Iraq. The bed of defeat has always been feminine. Ever since the sky was within reach a woman fluffing a wombless vanilla pillow... Read more

Is Murdoch behind Alwaleed’s News Channel Plan?

First Published: 2010-04-27 The new news channel would borrow from the business model used at Rupert Murdoch’s Fox and Sky News channels while broadcasting different content in the Middle East. This is bad news for the Arab audience, since... Read more