AlGaddafi is threatening UK, USA, Turkey, Qatar and UAE of total destruction by his armies of the underworld

By Iqbal Tamimi

The Libyan television has aired an interview with one of the top magicians aiding Gaddafi. He warns that the ‘Jinn’, who are supposedly a supernatural creatures occupying a parallel world to that of mankind, and who are claimed to be made of smokeless flame or the fire of a scorching wind, are aiding Gaddafi in his battles against his enemies.

The magician of Gaddafi has read some unheard of names of non Arab Kings of Jinn from the underworld, who are helping Gaddafi  in his missions . He read their threat messages of destruction to the leaders of UK, USA, and Arab leaders of Qatar and UAE who are opposing him, besides Turkey.


He claims that those countries will be harmed by the Japanese radiation, and that Turkey will be split into two by an earthquake, while the trouble will erupt in two locations, all by the works of the Jinn who are Gaddafi allies.

He described the Jinn who are fighting along with Gaddafi as ‘Saleheen’, the word Saleheen translates in Arabic as the good people. He even read a message from ‘The wise man Sultan Suliman’و in the Libyan underworldو to the leader ‘Has-habtooh’ in Morroco. Telling him about ordering an army of green birds described as ‘Azrob’ which makes no sense in Arabic language, to destroy Gaddafi’s enemies, since they were only to blame themselves for they started their aggression on Libya. He ordered the king of Jinn in Morocco to  bring total darkness, and start his war in two provinces. heordered the black owl to outcry the bad news that ‘Gaddafi enemies’ will swallow the Japanese radiation, and the Jinn is advising them not to try to escape on board ships through the sea, for this is going to be of no vane. The threats to USA on the other hand, is to retreat before their fast-slow destruction starts.

This recorded news tempts me to make few comments. The first, according to Islamic texts and stories of traditions in the Middle East, the Jinn supposedly have a much more sophisticated system of communications powers, that they were ‘used’ by the prophet Suliman ordered the Jinn to bring him the throne of Queen Balgges before he winks, so…I do not know why the Jinn need the poor Libyan television channel to send their message.

The second point concerns the magician who was addressed as a doctor. He started his speech holding his rosary high for everyone to see, as part of the mind controlling game, and ended his speech by dropping it on the table in a theatrical move. It seems that Gaddafi’s men are copies of his mentality, they all adore performing arts and they are a wealth for the Middle Eastern drama.

The third point is about the good creatures the ‘Saleheen’ who were found after this performance to be otherwise, since Saleheen, or good creatures do not send threats of killing and destruction to other nations. It seems that Gaddafi has a very humble IQ since he presumes that all the people around the world are as brain washed as the oppressed Libyans who were supporting him. He expects to frighten the nations around the world that their leaders will start pissing in their pants while ordering their troops to pack up in a hurry and withdrew immediately before Gaddafi’s owl start crying for destruction and before he curses them. It is quite an entertaining thought.

It seems that the kings of the underworld can’t act without the wise orders of Gaddafi, and they have some kind of cooperating teams like mafias. I wonder whether they need forged passports and some money to join Gaddafi forces like the African mercenaries.

I do not know about the Jinn’s level of progressive techniques when it comes to Qaddafi ordering them to enforce total darkness, I wonder if they will be forced to use his tent to obscure the sun light, but what is more brain boggling, is  how they are going to make the ‘Japanese radiation’ harm Gaddafi’s neighbours without harming him or his troops. This brings us to the important question of what kind of immune system Gaddafi enjoys.

Regarding the meteorites that were ordered by Gaddafi’s Jinn to hit the Americans, it is confusing to me how Gaddafi or his ‘Jinn’ are going to achieve that. Is he going to flake some planets between his fingers like the British Chef, Jamie Oliver, and sprinkle their dust on USA.

Should Gaddafi go for any reason, the world will lose a great source of entertainment. I was hypnotised by his description of the methods he is going to implement to destroy the USA, which he described as ‘a fast-slow death’… something I could never comprehend, for I have heard about fast death and slow death, but I have never heard of a hesitant death,  fluctuating while making the decision of being fast,  or slow.


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