Weight watching campaigns in Saudi Cartoons

Tweet   by Iqbal Tamimi It seems that women all over the world suffer the pressures of the media to control their weight. There are hardly any advertisements or campaigns through the media that targets men or make them feel guilty when it... Read more

Busy texting on wedding day

Tweet It seems that men do not realise how annoying it is to text others especially on their wedding day. The caricature is by Saudi cartoonist Rabeea, who reflects on Saudis addiction to cell phones. Guess what he might be texting?

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Adult scenes on Children Cartoons

{jcomments on}Tweet   Children’s Television Channels Cartoons Saudi caricaturist Rabeea is highlighting the lack of regulations in Arabic broadcasting, especially when it comes to Children’s Television Channels. In this cartoon he is showing... Read more

Just Promoted Saudi caricature

{jcomments on} A caricature by Saudi cartoonist Abdesalam Elhlayel reflects from his point of view the difference between men and women when it comes to expectations of a promotion at work

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Saudi female teachers going to school cartoon

Tweet {jcomments on} Caricature by Rabeea from Saudi Arabia published on Al Riyadh newspaper. Working women are still deprived of their right to drive to work themselves even though by law they have the right to purchase cars and establish... Read more

Saudi women inspired by American killer

{jcomments on}Tweet   It seems that the story of the American woman, Omaima Aree Nelson, who chopped her husband, cooked him and eaten his flesh that was circulated the past few days has inspired Saudi women according to Saudi cartoonist... Read more