Palestine protests in Bristol

a Charred Palestinian Baby by the Zionist Bombing on Gaza | 2012 11 14

Palestine supporters and anti-war activists in Bristol are shocked at the recent attacks on Gaza by Israel . 

In Bristol , the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Bristol-Stop-The-War, the SWP, and other groups are calling a protest on the Centre (opposite the Hippodrome) in Bristol tomorrow, FRIDAY 16th November from 5.00-6.00pm. 

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Supporters are asked to bring placards, flags, whistles and banners. See and on Facebook 

Plans will then be made on possibly building a larger event in Bristol on Saturday 17th November and information will be circulated 

National-PSC and other national groups held a demonstration outside the Israeli Embassy (Thursday 15th November) see 

National STWC have posted useful information on their website at 

BAAT Bristol Against the Arms Trade is calling for actions against weapon manufactures and high street investors profiting from these horrific war crimes in Palestine see

Based on the experience of protests against the previous attacks on Gaza and the Mavi Marmara, hopefully local groups around the area will also arrange their own protests and vigils. 

Ed Hill of the Bristol, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign/Photo by Iqbal Tamimi

Ed Hill of the Bristol, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign said:- 

“Palestine supporters don’t forget operation Defensive-Shield against the West Bank in the 2000s when entire cities were occupied. They don’t forget operation Cast-Lead against Gaza in 2008/09 when over a thousand civilians were killed. Nor do they forget the attack on the Mavi Marmara two years ago which almost cost the lives of two Bristolians.In protest at Israel ’s latest escalation of violence, local Campaign groups are organising protests up and down the country, and internationally. Not only do we condemn Israel but we also hold our own Government to account for their continued support for Israel ’s brutal, illegal and apartheid actions against Gaza , East Jerusalem, and the West Bank .”

Jeremy Clarke of Bristol Stop The War Coalition/photo by Iqbal Tamimi

Jeremy Clarke of Bristol Stop The War Coalition said:- 

‘ Israel’s murder yesterday of Ahmed al-Jabari, the commander of the military wing of Hamas, along with several civilians, is a major escalation in the situation in the Middle East . Our government should condemn this crime and call for an end to Israel ‘s attacks on Palestine . These attacks come at a time when Britain and the USA are edging towards direct intervention in Syria ; sanctions against Iran are accompanied by threats of military attack. Israel , the USA and Britain seem intent on spreading war and destruction throughout the Middle East . We must show our opposition to these policies.’ 

A photo of the Bristol-Gaza Twinning Initiative meeting

The city of Bristol has a long history of links with Palestine . From peace campaigners to faith groups, from football teams to circus performers to Banksy, many Bristolians have visited Palestine . Following the attacks on Gaza in winter 2008/9 a group Bristol-Gaza-Link was formed, with all party support from the City Council. It organised several aid convoys to Gaza including an ambulance and a giant articulated truck decorated with images of Wallace and Grommit. In May 2010, two Bristol citizens were within inches of death on-board the aid ship, Mavi Marmara, when it was attacked by Israeli commandos. Bristol was also the first local council in the country passing a motion condemning these attacks and calling for boycott and divestment of Israel . Local campaigners build awareness of Palestine issues through meetings, boycott actions, and cultural events. Bristol also hosts a Palestine Film Festival at the Watershed every year.

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