Ken Loach, distinguished film-maker condemns the ill-treatment of Bristol-based peace activist

Ken Loach, director of much loved and well known films such as Kes, Sweet Sixteen and Land and Freedom – known for repeatedly championing the underdog and revealing the hardships and struggles of those at the bottom of the social... Read more

Father Christmas in Middle Eastern caricatures carries gas cylinders and wears gas mask

The current 2012 Christmas was celebrated in the most difficult human and political situations, especially in the Middle East. This was reflected by cartoons, paintings and photography. Unfortunately many of such creative work were circulated... Read more

‘5 Broken Cameras’, targeting Palestinian journalists and the Bristol Palestine Film Festival, 2012

By Iqbal Tamimi  It is November, and the Bristol Palestine Film Festival is almost in its full gear and about to knock the doors of art lovers and those who are interested in diverse ways of expression through innovation. At the same time... Read more