UNICEF Launches “Facts for Life”  in Beirut

  {jcomments on}The first edition of Facts for Life by UNICEF had been launched on Wednesday 15th of June 2011 in the Bristol Hotel, Beirut. UNICEF Regional Goodwill Ambassador, Singer and Lebanese artist Mrs. Nancy Ajram, Dr. Salim Sayegh... Read more

Cover Story

{jcomments on} One aspect of the so called Arab Spring that has found little favour in the British press is the slight improvement it has brought to the lives of women in countries that have managed to oust their tyrants. Repressive regimes... Read more

Ellen Bialystok: Bilingual brains are more healthy

{jcomments on} Looking at Alzheimer’s patients, Canadian neuroscientist Ellen Bialystok finds that people who speak two languages cope significantly better with the disease Neuroscientist Ellen Bialystok says bilingual children have... Read more