Is Murdoch behind Alwaleed’s News Channel Plan?

First Published: 2010-04-27 The new news channel would borrow from the business model used at Rupert Murdoch’s Fox and Sky News channels while broadcasting different content in the Middle East. This is bad news for the Arab audience, since... Read more

The use of the ‘olive branch’ is one of many words that are used as mental blinders. One would think that newspapers care a great deal about the olive branch and all the meanings that comes with it, says Iqbal Tamimi

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  Dear belly dancing activists… have mercy on our souls. In our part of the world dancing is performed on happy occasions, and happy events in Palestine do not involve the belly — or kidneys for that matter, since we don’t... Read more

Isn’t it about time for the UK government to stand for its moral obligations towards the Palestinians and start to act in support of justice? Churchill said that creating a Jewish state on the Palestinian land ‘is of the interests of the... Read more

  By Iqbal Tamimi Take me home When I’m dead I am crowded by corpses Occupying me A long queue of departed loved ones Are still marching in One after the other Changing me from within While one of my eyes Is teasing the other Hiding its... Read more