Top Syrian artists in solidarity with Gaza


Duraid Laham

First Published: 2009-11-25

12 Syrian top stars present shield of Syrian Artists Association to Palestinians Artists of Gaza.

The Gaza people welcomed Sunday evening at Rafah Border Crossing, a delegation of top Syrian screen stars lead by the Head of the Syrian Artists’ Syndicate Asaad Eid and the leading Syrian theatrical and TV star Duraid Laham.


This visit was initiated by the Syrian star Mr Laham and the Syndicate of Syrian Artists to promote a campaign to break the siege on the Palestinian people and support the steadfastness of the people of Gaza ,as well as attending the opening ceremony of ‘ Alshayata’ play, the director Saeed Al-Bitar will participate in its production.

The delegation is made of a list of the brightest of the Syrian theatrical, TV, and movie stars, including the Syrian stars of the very popular series “Bab El-Hara”, the Door of the Neighbourhood Salim Kallas, and Wafaa Mosalli, and the stars of ‘Ahl El-Rayah’ series, The Banner People, Rafeeq Subaie known to the viewers by the nickname “Abu Sayah,” and top actor Jamal Suleiman, and Duraid Laham. Besides Assad Fadda the star of the series “Beet Jeddi” , My Grandfather’s House, as well as the leading actors Talhat Hamdi, Suzanne Najm al-Din, Hadi Bakdounis, Hisham Hasbani, and Radwan Akili, and the Syrian director Asaad Eid, accompanied by the brilliant cameraman from the Syrian Arab TV Ayman Salameh. All the mentioned above worked on patriotic dramas that reflected the united Arab land during colonialism, and reflected the history of oppression inflected by the occupation of Arab land.

The Syrian delegation began their visit by an inspection tour in the Gaza Strip and Rafah border witnessing the difficult living conditions experienced by the Palestinian families suffering the tight Israeli siege for the past four years. They visited the tunnels area at the borders as well, and the houses destroyed by the Israeli attacks last January.

It is scheduled that the Syrian artists will participate in the play “Alshayyata” organized by the Future Society for Culture and Development in Khan Yonis. The delegation of Syrian artists met as well with the families of the martyrs and the wounded.

The Head of the Syrian artists’ Syndicate Asaad Eid told “SANA” that the aim of their visit is to actualize their slogan that “Gaza is in our hearts” and to break the Israeli siege imposed on Gaza Strip and stop the bullying policies implemented by the Israeli occupation authorities against our steadfast people, stressing that the Palestinian people’s steadfastness and resistance of the occupation will defeat such aggressive policies.

“The delegation will attend a theatrical Palestinian show in Gaza and will present the shield of the Syrian Artists Association to the Palestinians artists of Gaza who are expressing the pulse of the resistance to the occupation,” said Mr Eid who called for supporting the Palestinian artists and their works of art devoted to the culture of resistance.

The Syrian top star Duraid Laham who is on his second visit to Gaza said that this delegation is a clear message of total support and solidarity to the besieged Gaza people from their Syrian brothers and sisters, and a message to other Arab artists to show their support by visiting Gaza to break the siege on its people


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