Al Arabiya TV and its Media Manipulations

  First Published: 2009-02-03 Since when has Al Arabiya worried about the emotions of women in Gaza or has been concerned that the children can’t sleep? How else would people around the world know the scale of cruelty and destruction caused by... Read more

Mahmud Darwish lamented

  First Published: 2008-08-13                       ‘Send me an embarrassed tune written with your silent eyes’, recites Iqbal Tamimi in dedication to Palestinian national poet Mahmud Darwish

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‘Declined to Comment’

                    ‘Decline to comment’ is the most versatile expression that can be used when policies were knitted in the dark.  

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Media Manipulations

  First Published: 2008-07-19                 The Israeli soldiers were described as ‘boys’ even though they were on a military mission by the ages of 27 and 32. While Kuntar, who was 16 when he went for his own individual mission, was... Read more

Media in Libya and Targeting Journalists

Since the People’s Revolution broke out in Libya on February 17th, at least 15 cases of journalists’ arrests and four attacks on journalists were reported, besides two attacks against media outlets and the brutal assassination of two... Read more

2011 Dart Award Winners Named

{jcomments on}Outstanding journalism on the impact of multiple deployments on military families, bullying, campus rape and the failure of the military to address traumatic brain injury won recognition in this year’s competition for the... Read more