Women’s image in a Saudi Cartoon 2

Tweet Caricatures reflect a great deal about the society where the cartoonist lives and people’s perceptions. This caricature by the Saudi cartoonist Rabeea shows a man turning away from a shopping boutique while the woman is begging him... Read more

How Saudi women see men? An ATM machine perhaps!

Tweet {jcomments on} How Saudi women see men? An ATM machine perhaps! This caricature by Saudi Cartoonist Rabea see women as an opportunist creature that gets married to a man whose main attribute is to be able to satisfy her greed for money... Read more

Women’s image in a Saudi Cartoon

Tweet {jcomments on} This cartoon has been created by Saudi cartoonist Abdesalam Alhlayel, published at Alriyadh newspaper. Its another cartoon reflecting yet another bad image demonizing Saudi women as greedy and overweight

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Men earn money women only spend it

{jcomments on} AlJubairy is a Saudi cartoonist. This caricature shows the man worried about his wife’s spending and bad judgement, since her choice of dress will mean the family will be left with no money for the rest of the month

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Muslim Women Find Expression Through Cartoons

  By Iqbal Tamimi One of the amazing fields where Muslim women have shown extra special skills in self expression is working as cartoonists. The skills of two Muslim women working in the same field but separated by a wide geographical and... Read more

Nagging is the only way

Tweet {jcomments on}   How can women get what they want? This is the title of this caricature by Saudi cartoonist Rabeea, who believes that women can only achieve what they want from their husbands by nagging

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