Palestinian young women commemorate the 64th anniversary of Nakba by painting murals of “Return”

The walls of Gaza which witnessed the Israeli cruel aggression on the Palestinian people became the art canvas for the murals of “Return” painted by young Palestinian artists commemorating the 64th anniversary of Nakba. By Iqbal... Read more

Egyptian Court stops the transmission of two Egyptian TV channels owned by the grandson of late Egyptian president

By Iqbal Tamimi An Egyptian Court has issued a decision stopping the transmission of two Egyptian TV channels, owned by Jamal Ashraf Marwan, the grandson of the late Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser, over charges of failing to observe... Read more

The Jerusalem String Quartet will be striking the wrong chord in Birmingham

Jerusalem String Quartet will be performing at the Town Hall of Birmingham on Sunday the 6th May 2012, but the West Midlands Palestine Solidarity Campaign have their worries

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Photography Gallery by Saudi Women

By Iqbal Tamimi  The Saudi Ministry of Culture and Information has organized a gallery of photography of local shots by Saudi women photographers. The exhibition opens its doors at the hall of Abdullah Alqasabi for Art and Culture at the... Read more