BBC TV production and Carbon Foot Print


Part of ethical journalism is to practice what we preach. For that reason it is unsettling to see BBC contradicting its messages aired in hundreds of reports about protecting the environment and still produce shows in a way that does not reflect respect for nature and wastes resources at the same time.

Recent studies have estimated that television and related equipment account for 1.8% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, but this statistic excludes the human GHG caused by production practices.

I am a huge fan of recycling shows and that includes the BBC show ‘Money For Nothing’ which focuses on recycling material deemed for the tip and selling them making few pounds.

The odd thing about its production is the huge amount of unneeded carbon print. For example, towards the end of each show, the presenter travels across the country to three different destinations, only to show the image of the final product to the original owner. Three long trips that cost lots of money in travel expenses and high carbon foot print.

We are in 2016 and almost everybody uses the internet. Such images can be shown to the original owner by using any of the interactive methods, thus teaching the audience how to benefit from the internet hence upgrading their practical knowledge, or by cooperating with the nearest BBC local team to take that single shot.

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