AWMWC in UK Condemns Assassination of Iraqi Journalist Nawras Naimi

Iraqi journalist Nawras Mohammad Hashim Al- Nuaimi

Iraqi journalist Nawras Mohammad Hashim Al- Nuaimi


Unidentified gunmen opened fire, using small arms (pistols) on on Sunday night, the 15th of December, on Iraqi female journalist Nawras Mohammad Hashim Al- Nuaimi, near her home in the Algiers neighbourhood of eastern Mosul. Bringing the number of journalists killed in to sixth in two months.

According to Iraqi Women Journalists website, a police source said that Al-Naimi was shot in the head with several bullets, which led to her instant death, while gunmen managed to flee.

Journalist Al- Nuaimi is an undergraduate student of media at Mosul University. She was born in the Iraqi city of Mosul in 1994 and has been working as a television presenter at Al-Mouseleyeh satellite television channel for the past 5 years.

With the assassination of Al-Naimi, the number of journalists who were killed in Nineveh province since 2003 so far is 51 journalists who worked for various media institutions.

Director of AWMWC in UK, Iqbal Tamimi condemned the targeting of fellow journalists in Iraq.
“I still recall the excruciating pain we have felt when our colleague Atwar Bahjat was raped and killed while reporting from Iraq on 22 February 2006, I was then working for Al-Arabiyah News Channel” Tamimi said.

“I call on IFJ to keep its efforts and cooperation with international organisations and policy makers, to pressure governments to show more interest in saving the lives of journalists and do their best to punish the perpetrators” she added.


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