First Autism Art Exhibition held in Dubai

Autism Art Exhibition held in Dubai

It is Autism Awareness month and Dubai has organised the first Autism art exhibition as one of many other activities shedding some light on a group of people who are born autistic.

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At a cocktail party in Radisson blu down-town hotel, a group of International artists responded to the Autism Awareness Campaign call which has been held by the Dubai Government during April, the month of Autism. The artists participated in an Art exhibition inaugurated on 20th April 2013, and will last till 25th of the same month, to support Autism Cause, and donate 10% of the exhibition revenue to The Dubai Autism Centre (DAC). 

This group included 8 artists, Amal Mahmoud (Egypt), Jocelyn (New Zealand), Bibi (Nigeria), Zaahirah Muthy (Mauritius), Ahmed Al Hussani (UAE), Nasir (Sudan) Wael (Lebanon), Hamza (Sudan). 

Amal Mahmoud from Egypt

One of the participants is Amal Mahmoud, an Egyptian visual artist who held more than 30 exhibitions. She is also a Best Seller Writer as she has three best sellers’ books due to Virgin lists (Egypt) bookstores and a Guest Speaker on different Arabic television channels. 

Amal says she wants to spread Autism awareness through her works, especially when it comes to using colors. She believes in the important role which colors play in people’s lives, based on scientific research. She claims autistic people see colors more vibrant than others that’s why they prefer muted colors like pink, light blue, green, yellow which she used in her paintings, also she stressed on the isolation state that Autistic suffer shedding a light on their brilliant side and what goes inside their heads, their repeated patterns of life, their fondness for colors, numbers, music, their rituals, she even uses puzzles, the familiar symbol of Autism to deliver her message widely which she drew on her own face during the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

Autism exhibition in Dubai

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