A VICE film about the Palestinian youth’s struggle for sovereignty

VICE travels to the West Bank for the first Palestinian National Youth Week. Would it turn out to be more than just an elaborate PR event?


In ‘Resistance in the West Bank’, VICE’s Editor-in-Chief Alex Miller travels to Palestine to attend the first Palestinian National Youth Week. Here VICE investigates the Palestinian authorities’ commitment to the non-violent fighting spirit of Palestinian youth for their independence.

After quickly learning that the Palestinian Youth Week conferences were lacking in young blood, Alex dumps the schedule and heads off to see what the West Bank’s youth are up to first hand.

Alex’s first stop is Balata, the biggest refugee camp in the West Bank, where he meets Hassan, a young revolutionary who the authorities are after. The young Palestinian shows us his favourite pastime: spray-painting revolutionary slogans on the walls of Ramallah. 

Alex then heads north to visit the home of a former prisoner who has become a local celebrity for his hunger strikes in Israeli jails. On the way back to Ramallah, Alex receives a tip-off that the National Youth Week plans for a large demonstration that may not be as greatly exaggerated as expected, and heads to a secret meeting to learn how not to get shot by the Israeli army.

Soon, protests are taking place all across the West Bank, with settlements outside Ramallah being stormed and prominent Palestinian politicians getting gassed in the Jericho desert. Alex hits the road with a convoy of radical Palestinians and international solidarity activists, shutting down roads with chains and playing an elaborate game of cat and mouse with the Israeli army.

Finally, Alex catches up with Hassan, who shares his revolutionary ideas for Palestine and VICE truly find out if all protest factions manage to toe government line on non-violence.

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