The Bristol Palestine Film Festival –Art Gallery Opens its Doors


Standing up, Cliff and my great friend and brilliant organiser of the poetry event KatherineVanessa Whiteley. In the background Cliff's paintings.

The Art and Photography Exhibition opened its doors yesterday the 1st December at 80 Hamilton House, Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3QY .The exhibition is curated by Mark Sands, a West Country artist and long-standing Easton Cowboy. The exhibition will continue until the 10th December. Showing a diverse range of contributions, including paintings and photographs by British artists Cliff Hanley, and Jess Orlik, and British photographer Daniel Bosworth there are also images from local football team Easton Cowboys’ recent tour of the West Bank.


Manager of the Exhibition David Owen and Iqbal Tamimi Director of Arab Women Media Watch

Palestinian artists featured include cartoonist Majed Badra and Eid Suleman, a self-taught model maker from the Bedouin community of Umm Al Kheir. There are also photographs from the village of Susiya and Al-Arrub refugee camp, as well as a rare opportunity to see images from a Gazan kite festival during which 6000 children attempted to break the world record for simultaneous kite flying.

Bristolian artist and human rights activist Cliff Hanley

Our local radio, Dialect, dedicated this week’s show to highlight the Palestinian Bedouin’s appeal to the world for justice. The brilliant producer of the show, Tony Gosling had on the running order the following subjects:


00:00-01:28  Intro

01:28-07:34  David Owen promotes the first ever Palestine Film Festival in Britain

07:34-09:32  Joan Baez: Lowlands

09:32-20:25  A report on life in the West Bank

20:25-28:30  Animal rights campaigners are preparig to celebrate Animal Rights Day on Dec 10th

28:30-41:18  The Bedoiuns: Dr Abu Freih appeals to the world for justice

41:18-49:54  Treasure island Chapter 27 part 2

49:54-52:34  Tim Burroughs: From Portishead to Paris, Texas

52:34-55:05  What’s on Guide

55:05-56:00 Credits

56:00-1:00:59 Jean-Michel Jarre: Revolutions

You can listen to the recorded show by clicking this link






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