Interlocking mosaics of Arab societies

Important role played by Christians, Jews and women in establishing drama Industry in Arab World. Very little is known by the western societies about the interlocking mosaics of the Arab societies from different backgrounds and faiths. The... Read more

Tunisian Election Law Gives Women Equal Chance

{jcomments on}Tweet   Tunisia has led the Middle East on women’s rights and toppling autocracy. Now women are in line to run for office in equal numbers as men in the first elections. The threat of rollbacks and reversals also lurks

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Bahrain opposition editor says has been reinstated

{jcomments on}Tweet   Mansoor al-Jamri, former editor-in-chief of Al Wasat, says board has voted to give him his job back The top editor of a Bahraini opposition newspaper who was forced to resign and was prosecuted after anti-government... Read more

Fewer Brits arrested in the UAE, but deaths rise

{jcomments on}Tweet   Foreign office says deaths of Britons in Gulf state up by a third, but drug offences down FCO figures showed 75 Britons had died, 41 had been hospitalized and one raped during the 12-month period The number of Britons... Read more

Saudi prince wins UK paper libel damages

Tweet   {jcomments on} Interior minister Prince Nayef bin Abdul-Aziz al Saud will give ‘substantial’ sum to charity A top Saudi Arabia official has won “substantial” libel damages against a UK newspaper after it printed... Read more

{jcomments on}Tweet 13 British people were stopped at Tel Aviv airport in July 2011. Five hours later they and 120 other people were in a high security prison in Israel. Hidden video camera inside Israeli prison

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