Pakistan: Where should I go in Men world?


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A Special report written specially for Journomania by the brilliant Pakistani activist Dr. Shabnam Nazli, Chairperson of Hope Development Organization in Pakistan


Women are the most Marginalized oppressed and downtrodden groups of Pakistani society, every day the news papers are full with news about horrible crimes against women like Purdah, Child Marriage (Vani), Acid throwing, Bride burning, Watta satta , Sati, Dowry death, Murder of pregnant women, Human trafficking, Sexual slavery, Forced prostitution, Sexual violence, Rape, Violence against prostitutes, Female genital cutting, & women issues like several hardest domestic violence and the killing of innocent women on the name of the honor.

The picture of women is presented with disloyal person and a vulgar thing. Women feel insecure in this situation, they are insecure while going to school, Churches and markets with the fear of several harassment, and they are insecure even at their own homes with family members like husband, father, and brother and even with brother in law do domestic violence on them.

When women report to the police it is considered domestic affairs & odd. Domestic violence leads to honor killing. In many cases it was observed that women are killed for getting property but the reason which was illicit relationship with unknown persons. According to the UNO charter of human rights every one has right to life and it is duty of government to secure the life of its citizen’s. It is said that honor killing is a tradition  against women who select their mates themselves while the constitution of Pakistan and other humanitarian laws allow women to select their mates when the have attained the age of 18 years. So women are killed on these minor issues that they have selected their mates by their choice.

Women are considering lower then male, the head of a family usually male.  All the decisions are made by the male members of the family in an undemocratic way. The opinion of woman is not taken even in the matters of their own marriages.

On the birth of male baby great ceremonies are held and sweets are distributed among people while on the birth of a female baby the atmosphere of a house is just like a funeral. From the child hood a male child is given best food while a girl child is given left over by the male child. A male child considered to have all rights to hold the property of his parents but for female child they are different values. After their marriages they will be responsibility of their husbands, and most of them  keep same thoughts and values.

Male child have a lot of opportunities to play outside the house while the female child have to stay inside within the four walls of the house.

A male child is given best education but female child kept uneducated with lack of confidence then females become victims of several harassment domestic violence and honor killing. While males have all kind of freedom and liberty. The socio economic situation of women in Pakistan is very critical; women are 52 % of total population of Pakistan.

Hope development organization has been actively involved to up left and support the marginalized groups of the Pakistani society, especially children and women for the last fourteen years. Hope development organization conducted several workshops on domestic violence & discrimination of Women rights with the Women of lower caste.

During these workshops the Participants of these workshops strongly felt the need to run campaign against some important issues mentioned above.

Dr. Shabnam Nazli, Chairperson of Hope Development Organization in Pakistan

HDO is committed to Build Women freedom centre in the middle of the city of Faisalabad  Punjab Pakistan which could be easy reachable for all women from every community and religion.


Objectives of Women Freedom Centre:


1. To conduct continues women rights awareness rising workshops.

2. To give them legal assistance.

3. To guide and support them to become in part of Government and departments.

4. To give them awareness of good nutrition and free medical check ups.

5. To give them opportunities like swimming, health club, internet & games..



HDO started fundraising campaign to purchase land and build Women freedom centre it requires 40 million Pak Rupees  equal to 4’76’190 $


Kindly send your donations through our Website by clicking on donate button or to HDO Bank account and stand beside us in this task each and every penny means a lot to us. Hope Development Organization Bank information is given below


Account Title: Hope Development Organization   Account Number: 1469 – 9

Swift Code: BPUNPKKAAXXX    Routing Code: HSBCA/C#000158950chips uid

429940   Ref BOP Kotwali Road Branch Faisalabad, Punjab Pakistan.


You are welcome to questions and enquire & visits.


Regards, love and peace,


Dr. Shabnam Nazli

Chairperson: Hope Development Organization






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