First Published: 2009-10-14 The Palestinians lived peacefully and in total harmony with people of different faiths and political affiliations before the state of Israel was created. Freedom of choice and democracy is a good platform to build a... Read more

The Israeli authorities used to cut the electricity of the city on purpose until all the stored food kept in homes’ freezers rotted and was no longer edible, besides subjecting the lives of sick people in the operation theatres at the hospital... Read more

  Do not tell her that her father was flying an F-16 and that he bombed the school in Gaza. Tell her F-16s deliver milk sometimes, writes Iqbal Tamimi. [Dear Caryl Churchill, Palestinian mothers are thanking you for your great contributions to... Read more

Erdogan in UK

First Published: 2009-04-06 Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan discussed the important issue of the mutual understanding and respect between people of different faiths and communities, notes Iqbal Tamimi

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