Nakba Poetry-That’s not fair

  {jcomments on} On the memory of Balfour declaration on the 2d of November 1917 I wrote the following poem Palestinian poet Iqbal Tamimi   That’s not fair In 1917 A man by the name of Balfour From a very far land called Britain Offered total... Read more

Arabic poetry the “lawful magic”

Tweet {jcomments on} No people in the world manifest such enthusiastic admiration for literary expression and are so moved by the word, spoken or written, as the Arabs. Modern audiences in Baghdad, Damascus and Cairo can be stirred to the... Read more

Stones that sprouted legs

  By Iqbal Tamimi Written for the memory of my Iraqi colleague Atwar Bahjat who was killed while reporting from Iraq. The bed of defeat has always been feminine. Ever since the sky was within reach a woman fluffing a wombless vanilla pillow... Read more

  By Iqbal Tamimi Take me home When I’m dead I am crowded by corpses Occupying me A long queue of departed loved ones Are still marching in One after the other Changing me from within While one of my eyes Is teasing the other Hiding its... Read more

Happy Palestinian Mothers Day

  Once upon a time, here was a mother, a child, and there was a green green Palestine, recites Iqbal Tamimi.   Once upon a time There was a home for every mother And neighbours used to love each other Once upon a time There was a green... Read more