Qabila Film Festival Awards 2014 for Tolerance in Egypt


You can now apply for Qabila Film Festival Award 2014 here

These are our stimulating AWARDS for QSFF 2014 presented by Mansour Foundation For Development

• Best Short Fiction: EGP 15,000
• Best Short Documentary: EGP 15,000
• Best Short Animation: EGP 15,000
• Best Egyptian Director: EGP 15,000
• Best ‘First Short Film’ for Egyptian Applicants: EGP 10,000

In addition to, two special awards presented by Tahrir Lounge for the best two short films that discuss the issue of tolerance and accepting the other in Egypt, each award will be EGP 5,000.

QSFF is chance for young filmmakers to showcase their talent and get the opportunity to learn, network, and gain experience. So hurry up and submit what you think is an award winning short film.

Don’t forget, the deadline for submission is the 4th of April 2014.

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