Names of Nominees for the Anna Lindh Mediterranean Journalist Award 2012

The  Anna Lindh Foundation for Dialogue between Cultures in cooperation with Allianz Cultural Foundation, Goethe Institut, Centre for Cultural and General Studie s- ZAK, the Anna Lindh German Network and with the media partnership of DW and COPEAM, is organising the 6th edition of the Mediterranean Journalist Award in Berlin, Germany on the 18th of October.

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Headed by the French philosopher Edgar Morin and gathering renowned media experts and intellectuals, the International Jury of the award will choose 5 winners out of the 403 applications received this year for the categories of print press, television, radio and new media, addition, to a special category which will be attributed to the best journalistic work on the theme ‘’the role of citizens and civil society in building democracies and pluralistic societies’’. 

Jury Members 2012:

Edgard Morin, President of the Jury

Guizele Khoury, Al Arabiya

Nagla El Emary, BBC Arabic

Alexandra Paradisi, COPEAM

Adelheid Feilcke , DW

Robert Parsons, France 24

Michael Thoss, Allianz Cultural Foundation

Andre Azoulay, Anna Lindh Foundation

Andreu Claret, Anna Lindh Foundation

List of Nominees 2012:


”Les Choristes d’Allah”, Le Monde Diplomatique

by Mouna Abouissa, (Egypt)

“Reversed Migration: Spaniards Migrating to Morocco”, Reuters

by Zakia Abdennebi, (Morocco)

”Let Us In, You Bastards!”, Gazeta Wyborcza

By Witold Szablowski, (Poland)


”The Wall: 10 Years On”, 

by Haggai Matar, (Israel)

”Ani Mi Levanon: Smiling Through Hebrew Class”,

by Sophie Chamas, (Lebanon)

”Interlocking Mosaics of Arab Societies: Important role played by Christians, Jews and Women in establishing drama industry in Arab World”,

by Iqbal Tamimi, (Jordan / Palestine)


”I TU, D’ON ETS?” ”Where Are You From”, Televisio De Catalunya 3 

by Jaume Bartroli and Ramon Valles, produced by Silvia Paoro, (Spain)

”Salafi”, BBC Arabic

by Karim El Shenaoui, (Egypt)


By Xavier Marquet, (France)


”Understanding Syria”, BBC Radio 2

by Sakr Al Makhadhi, (UK)

”Societe civile et democratie en Tunisie”, Radio Tunis Chaine Internationale

by Mayada Shili, (Tunisia)

”How to Build an Israeli Settlement from Scratch”, Monocle 24

by Joseph Dana, (Israel)


“How Youth-Led Revolts Shook Elites Around the World”, The Guardian

Jack Shenker, (UK)

”We’re Civil Society, Hear us Roar”, Al Masry AL Youm

by Amani Massoud, (Egypt) 

”The Paradise at Women’s Feet”, la Repubblica / Mondadori

by Francesca Caferri, (Italy)


Rima Marrouch, ARTE, (Syria)

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