Video shows the Libyan rebels abusing the rights of the detained mercenaries

Iqbal Tamimi 

A video has been leaked and circulated on You Tube showing members of the rebels subjecting the detained mercenaries, who were hired by the late Libyan leader, Colonel Gaddafi, to inhumane brutal treatment.

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The mostly African mercenaries, who were driven by poverty to work for Gaddafi, have been imprisoned in what look like animals cages. It has been claimed this is happening because the prisons are already overloaded with prisoners.

In the video, one can see the detainees being treated with cruelty. Their hands tied behind their backs, gagged, their mouths stuffed with a green cloth; the sound tract reveals that those are cuts of the Libyan flag and the prisoners are ordered to eat them. A great deal of verbal abuse and bullying can be witnessed through the video.

The film reveals the scared African detainees who are claimed to be mainly from the poor neighbouring countries of Chad and Niger, which are struck with poverty.

A report published by UN lately confirms that the Libyan rebels are still detaining 60% of those who were arrested during the revolt against Gaddafi.

The tyranny, the sound of wiping, firing bullets and a barrage of abuse can be heard clearly in the background of the filmed video. 

Libya is still suffering humanitarian crisis, law and order are still to be seen since most institutions are not functioning yet.   

There are great deal of criticism against the international community and the NATO forces who supported and participated in bombing Libya on claims of ridding the country of the tyrant, but left after leaving the country a wrick, without making enough effort to secure the protection and insure the safety of the vulnerable or help in rebuilding what they have destroyed. 

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