Veena Malik Nude Cover Photo Stirs Controversy


Veena Malik Nude Cover Photo

Veena Malik Nude Cover Photo: Pakistan Govt May Take Action Against the Actress

Pakistani actress Veena Malik is in trouble after a nude picture of the actress appeared on the cover page of an Indian magazine.

Soon after the news reached Pakistan Saturday, a series of condemnation started which does not seem to be ending anytime soon.

Many people took to the “safest” and “fastest” way – the Internet – to register their protest against the picture.

Though the Pakistan government has no idea about the nude photo shoot, Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said if Veena posed nude, “strict action” would be taken against her.

But the statement from the minister does not look serious as the News Tribe quotes him as saying, “It is not hard to make such photo, as you (media) present me some time on a donkey and some time on a bicycle.”

On social networking site, Facebook, many new pages are coming up to condemn the act of Veena.

“Being liberal has nothing to do with dressing like a s**nk or rubbing up on ugly guys. Being liberal means support for fundamental ideas like democracy, free & fair elections, human rights and universal health care. Open a book Veena,” writes the admin of a Facebook page.

“This woman has some serious issues she needs to deal with. It’s amazing how a failing actress can turn into the talk of Facebook, simply by stripping down and giving frustrated men what they want. If she thinks that’s “cool” I feel very sorry for her and her low class mind. She needs help, immediately,” a post on the same page says.

At the same time, there are some others who support Veena saying that it’s her individual choice.

“For all you clerics waiting to pounce on Veena Malik better have your excuses lined up about why you were looking at FHM in the first place!” filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy tweeted.

Veena Malik has denied posing nude for the magazine, but the editor of the FHM India says the photo shoot was real and he has proof of the shoot.


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