Jordan celebrates women chess champions

Iqbal Tamimi His Royal Highness Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein’s Club for the Deaf in Amman, has celebrated the women who won the chess tournament which took place this month in Jordan. The chess players competed for the Prince Raad bin Zeid’s... Read more

Dear Israel, This Is Why I Left

I lived in Tel Aviv for 14 years, and having been back in America for almost as long, still miss it every day. At Passover, that longing becomes an almost physical weight in my chest. The smells of springtime Chicago aren’t right, and neither... Read more

Saudi women open restaurant in Dubai

Iqbal Tamimi It has been difficult for women in Saudi Arabia to make their dreams come true business wise, because of the obstacles they face when attempting to start new businesses considered exclusively male dominated or outside the norms... Read more

Photography Gallery by Saudi Women

By Iqbal Tamimi  The Saudi Ministry of Culture and Information has organized a gallery of photography of local shots by Saudi women photographers. The exhibition opens its doors at the hall of Abdullah Alqasabi for Art and Culture at the... Read more

Saudi gov’t appoints woman to senior health post

Appointment of female to top health ministry job latest sign of gradual reform Saudi Arabia’s government has appointed a woman to a top job in its Ministry of Health in the latest sign of creeping reform in the ultra-conservative Gulf kingdom... Read more