Dear Israel, This Is Why I Left

I lived in Tel Aviv for 14 years, and having been back in America for almost as long, still miss it every day. At Passover, that longing becomes an almost physical weight in my chest. The smells of springtime Chicago aren’t right, and neither... Read more

Aljazeera Boosts Newsroom Ethics with Video Ban

The decision by the Arab satellite channel Aljazeera not to broadcast video recorded by the gunman in Toulouse as he killed seven people is a victory for newsroom ethics and should encourage fresh debate in Britain and elsewhere about... Read more

European Muslims, Civility and Public Life

European Muslims, Civility and Public Life: Perspectives On and From the Gülen Movement with Professor Paul Weller, University of Derby & Dr. Shanthikumar Hettiarachchi Reviewers: Professor Ian Linden, Tony Blair Faith... Read more