Tunisian Woman Wins Swedish Olof Palme Prize for Human Rights

Arab Women Media Watch Centre in UK (AWMW) congratulates the 2012 Olof Palme Prize winners, Radhia Nasraoui from Tunisia and Waleed Sami Abu Alkhair from Saudi Arabia both of whom are Arab lawyers, fighting for the freedoms and rights of... Read more

Frome Friend of Palestine talks about live behind the apartheid wall in the West Bank

Frome Friends of Palestine’s speaker this month will be local resident Ronelle Jonat. This summer, Ronelle stayed at Hope Secondary School, Beyt Jala near Bethlehem. She gave English sessions to local students, then... Read more

The Emirates women football team won by scoring 4-2 against its Palestinian counterpart in Bethlehem

By Iqbal Tamimi The Emirates women football team won the game against the Palestinian women’s team scoring 2-4 in a friendly game of football at Alkhader Stadium in Bethlehem south of the occupied West Bank on Sunday

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